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(:groupheader:)(:table width="90%":) (:cell:)Attach:ITE4.jpg (:cell:)Attach:ITECSS1.jpg (:cell:)Attach:ITECNU1.jpg (:cell:)Attach:ITECNU2.jpg (:tableend:) ''This is a place for CNU members to see each others' comments on ''Context Sensitive Solutions in Designing Major Urban Thoroughfares for Walkable Communities,'' a proposed ITE Recommended Practice. Click on the chapter that you have comments about, and simply add a comment.'' '''Reminder: This is a forum for exchanging views, not a substitute for your final comments to ITE. Those comments will help shape the final ITE Recommended Practice. Please submit your comments to mailto:ltierney@ite.org by December 31st 2006.''' And please leave your comments here, so other CNU members can see them. Here are links to the fact sheets regarding the mannual. [[http://www.ite.org/css/FactSheet.pdf | Overview]] [[http://www.ite.org/css/FactSheet2.pdf | A Framework for CSS in Urban Thoroughfare Design]] [[http://www.ite.org/css/FactSheet3.pdf | Design Controls in Context Sensitive Solutions]] [[http://www.ite.org/css/FactSheet5.pdf | Designing Boulevards and Avenues in Highly Urban Mixed-Use Areas]] [[http://www.ite.org/css/FactSheet7.pdf | Main Street Design]] *When proposing changes to the ITE document please cite the page number, paragraph number, and sentence to be replaced/edited. [[http://cnunext.org/icharrette/documents/commentie.pdf | Example]] Part 1: Introduction [[Chapter 1. Foundation]] Part 2: Planning [[Chapter 2. Planning and Developing Context Sensitive Urban Thoroughfares]] [[Chapter 3. Network and Corridor Planning]] [[Chapter 4. A Framework for Urban Thoroughfare Design]] Part 3: Design [[Chapter 5. Thoroughfare Design Process]] [[Chapter 6. Thoroughfare Design for Urban Areas]] [[Chapter 7. Design Controls]] [[Chapter 8. Roadside Design Guidelines- intro]] ->[[Roadside Width and Functional Requirements]] [[Chapter 9. Traveled Way Design Guidelines- intro]] ->[[Lane Width]] ->[[Medians]] ->[[Bicycle Lanes]] ->[[On-Street Parking Configuration and Width]] ->[[Transition Design]] ->[[Midblock Crossings]] ->[[Pedestrian Refuge Islands]] ->[[Midblock Bus Stops]] ->[[Special Consideration with Snow Removal]] [[Chapter 10. Intersection Design Guidelines - intro]] ->[[Design Guidance]] ->[[Curb Return Radii]] ->[[Channelized Right Turns]] ->[[Modern Roundabouts]] ->[[Pedestrian Treatments at Intersections-Crosswalks]] ->[[Curb Extensions]] ->[[Bicycle Lane Treatment at Intersections]] ->[[Bus Stops at Intersections]] [[Chapter 11. Thoroughfares in Single Land Use or Vehicle Mobility Priority Areas]] [[Case Studies]] [[Appendix I: Glossary]] [[Appendix II: Bibliography]] Check this page for more updates.(:groupfooter:)